bril·liant [bril-yuhnt] having or showing great intelligence, talent, quality


We stand for – creativity and rethinking – to create new business opportunities with brilliant software engineering.

Based in Stockholm Sweden with long experience of developing business critical system are we ready to build the future of IT. We are building a portfolio of software and services, with market leading quality and user experiences, that creates business opportunities for us and our business partners. The development takes place in own startup projects or in conjunction with our business partners, where we share cost and risk.


brilliant works is seeking creative and driven talents in the field of software engineering and user experiences.
Why join brilliant works?

You want to make a difference.

Every day we’re at the core of developing the best and most brilliant experiences for us and our partners.

You want to challenge yourself

You want to improve your technical and social skills. We’ve gathered an amazing bunch of brilliant people. And we're all about having fun together developing solutions for the future. At our office in Stockholm or abroad at our partners locations.

Try something new every day.

You’ll get the chance to be part of a young startup. Nothing’s set in stone, and previous solutions no longer apply. Build new things from a clean sheet of paper with the latest technologies. Together with your team, you’ll be challenged every day to build great new things, in entirely new ways.


We develop businesses with state of the art technologies. This is some of our projects: